So recently, in the News, there's been reports of Mexican smugglers using a catapult or siege to hurl 40lb bricks of marijuana over the Mexico-US border south of Arizona. The Mexican military is the one who nabbed the smugglers, but I think the real story here is medieval-weaponry knowledge. 
A crude trebuchet fashioned from an old trailer frame
From Fox to Reuters to CNN, the story has been about a pot-chuckin' catapult seized by the Mexican Military. I am here to explain to you why this just isn't right. So yes, there was a device used by Mexican smugglers to boost Maryjane over the border fence, and yes they used primitive technology to do it... However, I think you'll find that they used a trebuchet to get the job done! (Geez guys, this isn't rocket science.)

So hats off to the Mexican smugglers for thinking outside the box on this one. View the video below to see actual border-patrol footage and the contraption in action

Cheers to schemes that go down just like in the cartoons. Life's just empty without redneck criminals of every race!

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