Resurrection of a Meme...of the day!

Every once in a while a meme is born. It's an internet phenomena that occurs spontaneously and usually with a high level of irony, comedy, and irritation to its viewers. From the dawn of the lolcat empire to the infinite popularity of Rick Astley at the turn of the decade... we now face a potential tirade of mememery, the likes of which the world has never known.

It started to innocently in the early 1930s by Eino Kettunen, a traditional Finnish Polka song-writer. Eino wrote the lyrics to an upbeat chant about : "The song takes the point of view of a young man. He wants to dance with Ieva (Eva or Eeva in Savo), but her mother won't let him. They sneak away to someone else's house, where everyone is dancing to a polka, and dance all night. When he follows her home, her angry mother is waiting for them, but he tells her straight out that Ieva and he will be together no matter what." -Wikipedia

From the original song, to the adaptations in 2006 featuring Orihime Inoue from the Japanese anime Bleach, twirling a leek and singing along to the song. (Also available at )
Many other versions have been released and here's one of my favorites:
Cheers to the Finns... that is all!

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