Pwned! of the night... (Ricky Gervais wins this round)

Recently, in Ricky Gervais apologizes for nothing! , I told you about Ricky Gervais and how he was not about to apologize for making a comment at this years Golden Globes in his closing speech. If you missed that entry, the scoop was that Gervais thanked "God" that he's an atheist. This raised a bit of a stink in the states and people started to rabble. 
Since this time he's been invited on a few talk shows, most famously his appearance on Piers Morgan Tonight.

Well it appears he didn't offend some people high-up at the Golden Globes because he's been invited to come back and host the next ones. He hasn't said whether or not he'll do it, but just the invite is enough of a kudos to his performance.

Cheers to progressive and intelligent people in high places! (and cheers to Gervais for standing up for what he believes in...or what he doesn't rather.)


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