Who hasn't dreamed of one day owning a robotic suit of armor that gave them superhuman strength??? I think anyone who says they have is either a dirty liar, or clinically insane.
Students and Professors at the University of Chicago have been experimenting with brain-computer interfaces in an attempt to make a pneumatically powered, mind-controlled suit. The applications are obvious and wide-stretching; from military applications, to helping out the disabled, to simply aiding humans in day to day jobs where super-human strength might come in handy (Like when customers ask for every item on their order to be customized in some way and you just need to pick up a fryer and chuck it at them!...)

The suit itself already exists and the rest of the technology is out there. It's just a matter of time before the technology is refined enough that we can use it to it's full potential. Researchers are working on the actual brain-controls and are using everything from human volunteers to research monkeys with robotic sleeves... (Not one of them thought it would be a bad idea to outfit monkeys with robotic limbs... but we'll hold judgement until it happens...)

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Cheers to development that should be used to help the feeble, but will likely just become another military weapon...


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