What are the holidays without the staples? The cranberry sauce, the Yule-logs, the home made Crock-Pot wonders that come out once a year and fill you heart with joy! Well I've got great news because, this year, you can add to your festive catering list Rudolf and the gang! (No word yet if Canada is going to follow suit, but if you're one of our UK readers...You're in luck!)

Thinking of a different flavour for this year's treats? Why not throw a thick-cut reindeer steak on the grill? Recently featured at Lidl's, a discount grocery store, these reindeer steaks have been the center of some controversy. The frozen steaks were sold at $10 for a 350g pack, and were selling fast!

A spokes-person for PETA (that well-balanced and sane group of cheerful chaps) condemned the sale of the steaks, when interviewed by Sky News UK, saying:

"The idea of 'Rudolph' being slaughtered and sliced into steaks for a novelty Christmas dinner is revolting,"
"Christmas is supposed to remind us of peace and goodwill - and the rest of the animal kingdom could do with a taste of it, rather than being tasted."
To this, I remind our PETAphile readers that Christmas is derived from Norse and Celtic (and Pagan) traditions of Saturnalia and the Winter Solstice. Not to get into a theological debate, but the northern habitants of what would become Europe would have feasted on steaks of Caribou and Elk and Reindeer. Long before any traditions of tacky sweaters, forced and unauthentic cards, and last minute gifts the idea of feasting on wild animals to celebrate the true turn of the season was established.

So if you'd like to prove you're caring of animals, kindly step off your high-horse and whine elsewhere. To everyone else, Merry-Saturnalia, and if you don't mind I'm off to the butcher to see if they've got any Prancer... (I never trusted that one!)

Cheers to recycling old traditions and confusing the righteous few who pretend to know what they are really celebrating!


12/17/2010 10:07:41 pm

There is a butcher/game farm on St.Paul St. west of 4th line (Vansickle) They also have Bison! Yum...


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