The rare and illustrious... Triple-Entendre!


It doesn't come along often, but when it does it's a real treat. We've all heard the classic double entendres, the phrases that can go either way. From the wity remarks with class and style, to the simple (and ever so enjoyable) "That's what she said" moments! So what's so fancy then about RUSH and their particular example of a multi-layered joke?

Well let's have a look see. From the picture above you recognize the clever play on words. The album art shows a couple of repo men "moving pictures" in a very literal sense. (It should be mentioned that Moving Pictures is the name of this album, for the non-RUSH fans among us.) To the right of the picture is a family being brought to tears by the actual images... or being "moved" by them, rather.

So this is clever, a simple graphical double entendre then... nothing to be in awe about; but let's have a look on the B-Side! Check out what's hidden on the back cover of this LP:

Wouldn't you now it, a film crew making a moving-picture... and this, my friends, is why RUSH is smarter than you!

Cheers to the rare triple-entendre! It doesn't come often, but it's a mental treat when it does!

P.S. For the Poli-Sci geeks: Yes, that is the Ontario Parliament building from Queen's Park in Toronto. :)

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