So this is a story that came out a little while ago that adds a little awesome to the world. For years there have been controversies involving sextrade workers and their legality. Some places have allowed it, licensed it, put it in dark rooms and hid it away... other places have embraced it and made cultural-tourism centers from it, even going as far as to promote it with themed streets and window displays.

Now as a Canadian, I have come to understand that I barely own my humanoid shape. I am as much the property of Ottawa as I am my own. I have an encoded 9 digit code; I am unable to sell my body or any of it's parts (with the exception of certain excreted fluids); In the event of an emergency my body is to be resuscitated and handled in a legal fashion by the state... all in all I'm just barely renting it from Harper at this point. Obviously we've had problems with sextrade workers just like anywhere else, however I believe we are taking advice from all the wrong places.

So what's the answer then? What do we do to make sex trades more safe, socially acceptable and, best off, most flamboyantly visible!? Once again we need to turn to the Spanish!
Yup! It's the sexy latin lovers who bring us one of the most notable laws of 2010 (Well it was written in '04 but it took everyone a while to stop laughing...) It's officially LEGAL that sex trade workers (and just so we're clear, I mean hookers who work the streets) must not only insist on condom usage, but wear neon reflective high-visibility jackets. That's right, they are to wear the same reflective jackets as construction workers while on the streets. It's only logic people. The fine for disobeying this law? 40 euros, which amounts to roughly 75-85 dollars this side of the pond.

Prostitutes wearing high visibility vests in Els Alamus Photo: REX
The Telegraph suggests there is "[a]n estimated 300,000 women work[ing] as prostitutes in Spain where prostitution is not illegal but profiting from the sale of sex by another is." Not exactly sure what that last part means, but all I know is this made me smile and laugh a little inside. The world is becoming a very progressive place...or we are just running out of actual problems to solve. Either way, this should give you something to talk about, so my work here is done.

I guess you could say these women of the night are making everyone's day...a little bit brighter!
Just sayin'


P.S. To read the whole story click here [The Telegraph.co.uk]

For an additional laugh, check out the fail here at Pundit Kitchen: Queen Mum as a Hooker?

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