Starchild! Are you one?

It's not the discovery of an alien life-form, but it's certainly the next best thing. Scientists are growing more suspicious of comet-babies over primordial ooze theory!
Scientist extract material from pieces of astroids
This is not a new idea; For the better part of the last decade scientists have been postulating the possibility of life-bearing comets. Recent discoveries show us that meteorites contain amino acids, which are essentially building blocks of life. In the world of amino acids there are two flavours, the twist to the left ones, and the twist to the right ones. (They are sort of spiral shaped) With the lefties being the predominant shape for life on Earth. 

Well long story short, scientists have replicated amino acids with electric shocks in a tub of primordial soup, but that produced a smattering of either-or amino acids. For some reason though, it would seem the conditions present in far away stars actually favour the Earthling style acid shapes.

Is this evidence that life on Earth might be the result of cosmic impacts. Are we all just sprawls from alien worlds lost on a lovely blue rock? Read more at or check out some of the past articles below.
Cheers to science for constantly trying to prove that life is a mistake and nothing romantic...Take that Victorian Era!

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