There's noting more interesting than watching a geek stand in front of a beautiful girl. Nevermind that, she doesn't even have to be that beautiful... just any girl will do most of the time. Instant awkward as the geek tries to retreat into his own world of science to justify the unknown. Hell, CBS is making a killing on their third straight year of laughing at geeks! So it's no surprise when images like this one come out. Images that really make you wonder if there is a generation of asexual beings living among us (I write this in such a way as not to include myself in this geekiness... unsuccessfully...) So for the jocks of the world, here's a hot chick in a bathingsuit; for the geeks, here's an awesome reality of the behaviours of fluids in a centrifugal/centripetal motion emanating from a main kinetic energy source; and for the woman, here's an image of an unrealistic standard of beauty that is bound to offend at least a few (but who cares, cause smart chicks are more attractive than bimbos anyways) enjoy:
Cheers to science, solving everything we ever wanted to know about humans...part from the ability to understand the minds of women... science has its limits. Let's work on getting to Mars first...


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