Well it's been a learning experience and I think we've finally found what it is that the world likes. The readers of this blog are mostly Canadians (not all, but for the sake of argument...most are liberal Canadians) and because of this I understand why the idea of telling everyone what's great about the world isn't really a hit. (Ok, it's a hit so far for about 100 unique people to sign on each day and read...but in internet speak...not a hit!) Being born in Canada is like having already won the lotto. We've got pretty sweet lives at the worst of times, and at the best, we're the envy of the world. There is just so much awesome happening each and every day in/around the Great White North, and because of that, it's just not that interesting to read.

So from here forward the blog is officially being dedicated to a whole different kind of awesome. The sort of awesome that's inspired the Canadian way for over a century! That's right, we're going Super-Sarcastic-WTH-Are-The-Crazy-Canucks-Up-To-Now Insane! The stories from here on out are going to be mostly focused on little bits of...well they are still awesome, just in a slightly skewed way.

Don't understand what I mean... well I will sum it up with this picture:
This could have been a photographic marvel befitting an inspirational quote to be printed by the thousands as calendars and cheap office decor, but no! This artist knows the score. (S)He knew that the world loves a good picture of things doing it, and what better gift to the world than an incredible picture of a good hump!

Cheers to the little bits of silly that make life worth living. Check your stress levels at the door and check out the new Memento Mori, cause in the end... you're only human!

9/24/2012 02:17:37 am

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