He's the President of the free world...and the Salmon!

Unless you have been living under a rock, on Mars, with your fingers in your ears, you know that tonight was the State of the Union speech from President Obama. The speech had no major bombshells and was probably not entirely more educational than the Simpsons episodes that it replaced on regular broadcast...

The interesting thing about the speech though came afterwards. Immediately after the speech, NPR (National Public Radio) asked its readers to write in with 3 words that best described the speech. As they would, they complied; The speech ended and the responses flooded in. Luckily for the internet, NPR used some cloud-graphic software to analyse the nearly 4000 replies into a nice little infographic... here it is:
Evidently the nation was moved by the speech. They found it educational, innovative, inspirational... but above all, SALMON! Yeah, you're reading that right; Salmon. (Apparently Obama made reference to how freshwater salmon are covered by a different government department than saltwater ones...and he make a joke about how smoked salmon is entirely another department.) Obviously this bit of comedic effect struck a cord with the Nation. Read more and see more here!

Cheers to Obama, he may not be remembered for much, but at least he will be one of the coolest presidents ever!

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