There's a new king in town!

It's a sandwich chain that has shops on a riverboat, in a church and at a military base in Afghanistan, and they aren't stopping there. Subway just opened its 1,000th location in Asia this month, inclding its first in Vietnam. Interestingly, the Subway brand website focuses on global growth but is available in only two langauges: English and Turkish.

The sandwich shop, which originated in Connecticut, USA in 1965, has been aggressively setting up shops around the world and now about 34,000 store locations in 96 countries, from Argentina to Zambia.

What does this mean for the world of fast-food? Well it means the King isn't king anymore, but don't think other brands will be settling for silver arches any time soon. Mc Donald's and Burger King are still vastly enormous stake holders in the world of quick eats, but Subway has them beat. The sandwich giant has some big plans for world domination.

In respects to fast food, Subway offers a great variety of cheap and relatively healthy lunches. This isn't necessarily a bad thing for the world. Low-sodium, calorie-wise, and reduced-fat options are abundant in the chain's menus and that definitely appeals to at least this blogger.

Cheers to Subway and their success. It's about time we focus a little more on the healthy options.

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