Don't drink and drive, drive on drink!

It's a half liter of awesome! A drink that is made from ingredients you would never think of putting in your body if not encouraged by tacky ads and incredibly attractive, colourful packaging. 

Yes it's just another of the trendy Energy Drinks with the benefit of added alcohol to make sure you're not only drunk enough to lose your own feet, but wired enough to spend the next 8 hours searching for them! 

These drinks have been all the rage in nightclubs across North America and in Europe as well, but they seem to be getting a lot of negative attention from the folks at the FDA (Food and Drug Administration of the United States.) It would seem that the  FDA is deeming these unnatural products to be something of a threat to public health, and in some ways to public safety. (Who knew mixing cardio-stimulants and blood thinners in the same can would cause such issues?) As Canadians (which most of our readers are) we might not recognize the name of Four Loko. Up here in the great white, we had drinks like Rev 6.0  and my personal favorite Octane 7.0 (see picture below)

These drinks contain a cocktail of Guarana (a tropical plant with seeds that contain a chemical stimulant similar to caffeine), Ginseng, Caffeine, and plain old Ethyl Alcohol usually distilled from potatoes or corn. This potentially lethal mix will get your heart racing, if not just for a short while before it stops! 
It's no surprise then that the FDA is interested in taking these Molotov's off the shelves for good. Already the company Four Loko has been banned in 7 states (and counting), but the most interesting thing in this story is not that they are banned, but what the companies are doing with their resources.

The company that produces the Four Loko products have decided, in many states, to reinvent their brand as (get this) a chemical additive to gasoline! That's right, an ethylene based octane booster for performance engines. The chemicals are already there. Once we remove the sugar and the flavouring, the rest of this beverage is simply enhanced hydrocarbons in convenient, tank sized doses. So that's it, next time you're at the LCBO or any other liquor store, take a second to think about that Rockstar with Vodka. Think to yourself just what it is you are about to consume and what other purposes it might have.

Cheers to chemistry, and splitting a drink with your ride! (Don't drink and drive!) Also, cheers to another fun fact: The original Ford Model T and Model A's were made before gas stations existed. The cars ran on moodshine...


1/19/2011 01:25:04 pm

I love rockstar+vodka

1/20/2011 02:02:39 am

LoL, so do I...but it's good to know that in a Zombie apocalypse we can use them as fuel! haha


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