One BAMF! for the books!

Have you ever been in a position where you looked at an existing design and thought to yourself: "I could do better!" Usually these epiphanies come with a few beers, lots of duct-tape, and the emergence of a poor design that could be replaced with items from the dollar store. 

Tal Golesworthy on the other hand, he's a bit of a genius... You see Tal had a problem with his heart; Marfan syndrome, a genetic, life-threatening heart defect that left his main artery in danger of splitting. So like any braniac engineer Tal decided he was going to fix it... yup! Fix his own heart!

It took him a little while, but he managed to make a device that was able to correct his problem and allow him to work with surgeons to have his invention installed on himself. 

There aren't many people who can say that they designed their own prosthetic, even fewer can say they designed and built it... making this guy on BAMF!

The heart implant that saved his life, which he built!
Cheers to Tal, who has lived with his implant for over a decade, so far it's been virtually problem free.

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