Now for something that really sucks...

What your looking at is the worlds first webcam with a vacuum attached! Or is it the first vacuum with a webcam attached? Either way it's one of those and it's the first!

So we've all see the Roombas by now; little tiny robotic vacuums that are on constant dirt-patrol while you're away. Well Samsung saw this technology and thought how nifty it would be to turn your robot vacuum into a guard dog.
The TangoView vacuum system will be a live streaming webcam that will allow you to keep an eye on your place while you're away. It will also be programmed to detect human figures and to take photos of them as they enter the area.

To read more about the TangoView click here

Cheers to vacuum cleaners that will one day watch our houses. Now if we could just teach them to bite people and hump our legs, dogs will be obsolete!


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