Spring is here, can we have one without cyclist fatalities?

Spring is finally just around the corner and the bikes are slowly taking back to the streets. I know, as both a cyclist and a motorist, the pros and cons of this scenario. I would just like to remind readers that cyclist are vehicles in Ontario, and most other Provinces and States. They must legally travel on the shoulder of the road or face fines upwards of $100.
This being said I would like to remind Ontario drivers that you must give cyclists a minimum of 1.5M when passing. That's about 3 1/2 feet. It's not much, but as someone who's witnessed injuries and known families who've even lost loved ones due to cyclist collisions, I can't stress how important it is. 

If you can't pass, just wait; You can mash the pedal and regain your speed and not have shaved more than a few seconds off your commute. Show some respect to bikes please. Keep in mind that your car, if it's not a uselessly large Hummer-type, takes up about 2/3 of the lane width on an average road. You can pass if you hug the yellow line, don't be afraid to give bikes some room. It's bad enough we're in the filth, the salt, the broken glass and the garbage...give us the dignity of making it home safe. It's the least we ask. 

Cheers to all the cycle-friendly drivers out there. We do appreciate it. 

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