The 10:23 Challenge 2011

It's that time of year again when people gather to prove nothing... well not nothing, but they get together to make nothing happen. Maybe I'm not being clear here, the organizer of the event are out to show the world that there is no valid scientific evidence for the claims of homeopathy! (but that didn't fit on a T-Shirt, so "There's nothing in it" will have to do.)

I post this story in the interest of fairness. I've received some emails about my previous post (Ben Goldacre's bad science) where I wrote briefly about the powers of placebo, and its counterpart the nocebo effect. The truth is I wasn't advocating the powers of homeopathy, nor was I declaring that placebos are in any way as good as medical science. To prove that I was merely exploring a physiological and neurochemical phenomenon I present you with the Feb.6 "10^23 challenge".

The challenge is simple:
The 10:23 Challenge is a follow-up to the 'overdose' protest staged by the 10:23 Campaign in 2010. International protesters from more than 10 countries, and more than 23 cities will gather for over the weekend of February 5-6 2011, to make the simple statement: Homeopathy - There's Nothing In It.

Here is a quick video showing last year's demonstration. Many more are held this February across the globe, one of which in Toronto Ont., which may be covered by your's truly (with any scheduling luck). Check out the website here.
Cheers to activism taking on a broad and terrible scam. We need to focus our effort, as a population, on making people well through logic and science and not taking their cash when they are most vulnerable and selling them lies. Stand up for what's right!
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