The Great White North

Watching Canadian Tire commercials it might strike you; watching Molson Canadian commercials it'll hit you like a ton of bricks; "Am I even Canadian!?"

It seems, more and more, we value the old-fashioned Canadian ways, but are we still upholding them? It's no surprise that we've been Americanizing our culture for decades, and that's alright in it's own ways, but isn't it time we start reminding ourselves of our roots. We are the Great White North, despite being geographically as far south as norther California. We still have the rights to the cultural history of Canada as a whole. 

So this is just a reminder to Canadians everywhere to hit the cottages hard this year. Don't go all Jersey Shore on your vacations. As we thaw out from a long and miserable winter, it's up to you to be Canadian at it's best!

Cheers to Canada,

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