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I'm still trying to decide whether this makes Harper less hip, or Nickleback less cool...
It's budget time and it seems Harper is quite concerned about being frugal; Just the other day he was photographed getting his nickleback... (Sorry, I guess the previous post about puns wasn't enough for a day.)

It is indeed time for the leaders of Canada to bicker about money with the unveiling of the budget tomorrow. It seems that Canada is bracing once again for an election as the Liberals announce they no longer trust the Tories! You might be wondering then, trust? Is that the issue here? I thought we were going to the election based on not supporting the proposed budget. Well, not exactly:

The Liberals had initially intended to vote down the budget once it was released, but this left the NDP open for the block. (The block, not to confused with the Bloc... to whom I will give the service of not writing my opinions about.) You see the Conservative minority that is in power today is hanging on by a thread and they really only need one party to get behind them. So when the Liberals started talking election, the Conservatives started rewriting an NDP friendly copy of next year's budget. This would in turn buy them the votes they needed to stop the annoyance of heading to election and potentially losing some seats.

The Liberals, however have decided that it's more than just money that's getting to them. Finally they have stood up and decided that a government, the "Harper Government", should have the right to constantly slap Canadians in the face. By this we mean of course the perpetual Conservative slip-ups that seem to be building a case for the opposition.

Harper is known for throwing governmental (yeh he def. puts the mental in governmental) tantrums whenever he is backed into a corner. A few years ago he supported a coalition government (his party is actually made from a coalition!) and yet when the NDP and the Libs. suggested just such a thing Harper pulled the plug on Parliament and closed the house! In later months his party has been the center of countless mini scandals and even recently a member of Harper's crack-team decided it was fair-game to lie to the whole house. Lying to Canadians and trying to cover it up (Bev Oda for the win?). All of these add up to a Liberal government proposing a plug-pulling-party of their own. They suggest it's time to set everything straight and let Canadians voice their opinions at the polls.

I say, let's do it. Let's let the Conservatives know just how much Canadians are willing to accept before enough is enough!

Cheers to democracy! Let's hope the parties get exactly what they deserve... 

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