It's sometimes easy to forget that moments we now perceive as incredible, timeless, epic moments weren't always so. Difficult to imagine for example the span of time that had to pass before the Beatles's Abbey Road became an iconic image and a location that now attracts thousands of posers every year! (and I use the term posers in the literal sense of people who come to pose for a photo in the style of the Beatles...) So when and image comes out like this next one it really opens our eyes to the ability for insignificant actions to lead to such great things. You can just fancy then the things that must have passed through his mind. Standing, precariously perched on the curbside of Abbey Road, not quite knowing what he was about to take part in.
This image is so little, but so much and to so many, a great thing, so I share it here with you:
Cheers to history, and remembering that we may just be making it every day of our lives. Go out and be, because sitting around waiting isn't doing anyone any good!


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