UBB (Usage Based Billing), it's here so get used to it...

So it's official, the UBB is coming to Canada and will take effect March 1, 2011. What is this going to mean to the millions of internet users in the Great White? Well it's really not that clear, to anyone. 

The scoop is that the internet will be capped and fees will not be charged per gigabyte downloaded. The caps will likely sit around 25gig, which is substantially lower than many packages held by gamers, and internet enthusiasts alike. 

So the effect is going to vary from one person to the next. Some people are going to see an increase of up to $50 a month, others will see increases of only a couple hundred dollars yearly. To read more about the effects that this is going to have on small business and low income families, read more at The Globe and Mail.

Cheers to the free market, even when it seems like extortion. The realization that markets need regulation has never been so apparent...but then again, some of you elected the Conservatives into power, so I blame you!


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