Haha, this is so not even a story, but here it goes anyways!
This morning, Katy Perry woke up to her husband being a dick. (Yeh, that's right, Russel Brand...the guy who is famous for being a dick... was acting like a dick) Apparently she woke up to his cell phone camera in her face. The image was immediately Twit-pic'd and sent streaming across the globe! Why has it caught everyone's attention? Is it just because Katy Perry looks like a normal young woman when she's not made-up, lit, photoshopped and filtered to look like a plaster doll? Or is it because she actually looks kinda cute without the make-up... that's all up for debate, but have a peek anyways:
Cheers to reality. You, realizing your husband is a bit of a douche... the world realizing you're just a normal woman... the rest of us wondering why we care at all...


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