It's amazing what sorts of things we can perceive in this world if we just open our eyes. Recently a friend of mine has told me that she might be changing her career goals to a different field of study. I took to Google the next day looking up interesting facts about the field and I came across a photographer who worked along-side those who studied this.

Now many of you know that I have a lot of friends in weird places. I have friends who study bees, some who study rocks, others in biology and sociology... but what is it that we're looking at here.

I can give you a simple hint which is that we've all seen one of these before (you've undoubtedly seen a couple if you've seen any at all.) There is a very good chance that if you're reading this blog you've made use of one or two of these to do it... so what is it that we're looking at here? Come back tomorrow and find out what the WTFriday image really is!

Cheers to letting your imagination stray, but don't stray too far for this one... it's closer than you think! Leave a comment bellow of what you think you're looking at!


12/24/2010 08:19:41 am

Its an eye isnt it?


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