Who's watching you from above?

After the Japanese quake this Friday, some people were questioning where all the data was coming from. ABC showcased before and after photos from space; Many science blogs picked up that the Earth's axis had shifted about 25 cm; there was a seemingly endless slew of technical data coming from every outlet. So then where is all this data coming from?

Let's turn to Google once again for some answers:
So now you understand the thousands of outlets by which we collect data. The network of observers in our skies today is so vast it's almost incomprehensible. This is the human influence, this is what we've done to allow all the luxuries we have here on Earth. So next time you here someone say "For answers, just turn to the heavens..." try to remember that they aren't entirely wrong. There are answers coming from above, all the time!

Cheers to technology and the vastness of it that we aren't even aware of.

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