Let life be your Fanta Sea every now and again!


It's a bright and sunny day over most of Ontario today so live it up! Spring is just around the corner; It's time to start appreciating the outdoors again and stop our hibernation. Remember to always take time to live out a fantasy now and again. It's not enough to just want to someday watch the sunset is just the right location...go do it. Like to splash around the beach at midnight under the stars? Mark a calendar because this year you should just go do it! Someone you've been meaning to talk to? Do it!

So often we forget just how free we are to be happy. Don't let the little things get you down; the world is our playground. When you walk through the streets 90% of the people you pass are suppressing the urge to do something fun...something awesome! All because we limit ourselves to what we think society will accept as normal. So this year, try to remember the things that make you happy and just go do'em!

Cheers to a bright and beautiful 2011, we're nearly thawed out up here and I, for one, cannot wait!
10/30/2013 12:54:35 am

Just dropped by to say hello, so, hello mate!


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