Assembling an Apple a day keeps the Doc busy!

For years now the computer and technology giants have had a heyday bickering about who is better. We have personified companies into characters, and even characterized something that doesn't exist...the "PC". By this I mean that we've labelled everything that isn't a Mac a "PC" even though the quality and build ranges from impressive to virtually non-existent. It's sort of like saying: "Hi I'm a BMW" "Oh hi, I'm a Car..." it just wouldn't work, but those sly fellas at Apple marketing somehow convinced us.

The argument for years has been that Apple Co. is a more people friendly company with outstanding customer service and so on; not many then wondered how this under-dog has profited more than Microsoft in the last few years. Where are all these profits coming from? (Beyond the fact that Apple stopped making computers a long time ago, and not just assembles "PC" hardware with Apple software.) Well it turns out that Apple is jumping on the bandwagon and abusing developing nations and causing human rights violations in the East.  
That's right! You might think of the gleaming company as a sanitary, nearly sterile, white and grey mascaraed of integrity. Unfortunately it's just that, a mascaraed. Apple has recently been involved in issues in China, where it's computer manufacturing process is not only destroying the environment, but also poisoning the workers. How do we know these things? Well it's simple, the employees have complained. So you might imagine that Apple would be all over fixing this up, right? They wouldn't just not respond and leave these Chinese workers to fall sick and stop providing for their company...right!?

Well I can tell you that I would like to believe that too. Alas, the company has not responded to complaints, and there are rumours that Apple may simply shut this plant down and further outsource its parts-list. (Keeping in mind the screens are already Samsung, the hard-drives Western Digital, the processor Intel, I could go on, but I think you get the point...)

Cheers to the sad realization that money can corrupt even the most ideological corporations, we must remove this Bad Apple from the pedestal we've propped it up on for so long!

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