This Zombie is a real Fungi! 


Scientists discover 4 fungal species that can "mind-control" ants

The spores of this fungus infect the ants and cause a variety of effects. One fungus will cause the ant to spore with needle-like  "infection pegs" that stick out from the infected's body and infect passer-by ants. Other plants will slowly consume the ants body and only emerge when the ant takes the plant to a suitable location for it to grow.
It's not entirely clear yet how the plant effects the ant's brain, or how it actually creates this "zombie" effect. What's know at this time is that their are at least four strains of these parasitic fungi that seem to take control of the ants and utilize their mobility to further the spread of the virus-like plant.

Cheers to Zombies at a macroscopic level! Can it be much longer before plants start this with mammals? Only time will tell!

P.S., Read more at National Geographics News about this Brazilian ant-infection outbreak!

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